Bronkhorst FlowWare

FlowDDE 4.69

Software title : FlowDDE
Version : 4.69
Description : Software tool to interface between digital instruments and windows software.
More info : The FLOW-BUS DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) Server is gathering data from the modules connected to the FLOW-BUS, and at the same time transferring data to this modules.
DDE provides the user a basic level of interprocess communication between windows applications and is therefore, the most flexible way to transfer data between windows applications.

By using DDE commands, sent by software, to the DDE Server,
data can be sent or requested from the FLOW-BUS.

Some examples of programs with DDE communication facilities are:
- LabView (National Instruments)
- InTouch (ATS, Applied Tech Systems)
- Windmill (Windmill software Ltd.)
- WinWorX (Iconics)
- Wizcon (Wizcon)
- Self made applications with Visual Basic, Visual C, C++

The FlowDDE Server software is e.g. needed with:
- FlowPlot (Bronkhorst)
- FlowView (Bronkhorst)
- FLUICAL (Bronkhorst)
(In ‘Manual Mode’ FLUICAL can also run without FlowDDE Server)

Older (16-bit) versions Bronkhorst FlowDDE Server software V1.xx and V2.xx can not be replaced by this 32-bit version FlowDDE Server software without replacing the firmware of the RS232/FLOW-BUS interface. Please contact Bronkhorst for more information.
Release date : 17-5-2013
Release notes : - Updated parameter database to V3.65
- Added parameters 338 (Valve 100%) and 339 (Setpoint minimum).
- IOStatus is marked 'normal', i.e. visible when advanced parameters are hidden.
- Changed fieldbus descriptions to "main interface" and removed "side interface".
- Removed fuzzy parameters.
- Removed all 'Bronkhorst' in text and logo's.
- Added option to change Windows timers to increase DDE communication speed.
- Open communication no longer fails when an instrument was changed and the communication reopened.
- Fixed undesired poll channel change.

- Fixed write setpoint in FLOW-BUS configuration window when setpoint had focus and channel was changed.
- Fixed runtime error occurance when read/write to non-existing parameter in Test form.
- Maximum node address and instrument can be changed to is 123 instead of 124. This avoids the inability to connect to an MBC on address 124.
- Changed support e-mail address
System requirements : - - Hardware Personal Computer - -

Processor x86 or x64 700 MHz or higher
Memory (RAM) 64 MB
Hard disk 20 MB available disk space
Display 800 x 600 or higher resolution, 256 colors or more
Connections RS232 port with FIFO buffers
Windows XP, 7 or 8 (x86 or x64)
Other software Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher

Operating System settings:

The digit grouping symbol of currency must always differ from the number’s decimal symbol. Having equal symbols is not valid (not just in this situation, but also in other situations) and will probably cause other problems as well. See Microsoft’s KB198098.

Issues may arise with certain Regional and Language Options on Windows XP when the system language as set under Control Panel Regional and Language Options is set to a language not supported by Jet 4.0. See Microsoft’s KB913296.

Supported instruments
RS232 interface on multibus instrument (version V6.00 or higher).
RS232/FLOW-BUS interface (version V4.00 or higher)
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